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A Developer's Life

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Using OneNote for Publishing to WordPress

Recently, Microsoft announced three new OneNote partners – CloudHQ, Equil and WordPress. I find this exciting for the following reasons: I maintain my blog in WordPress I currently use Live Writer to create and publish my posts Live Writer hasn’t seen any love from Microsoft in a long time so I’m happy to see that… (read more)

Building with Microsoft Tools–For FREE!

With two of Microsoft’s primary competitors (Apple and Google) offering their development tools free of charge (Xcode and Android Studio, respectively) have you ever wished you could develop on Microsoft’s platforms for FREE? Well… if you didn’t already know that Microsoft offers a good number of development tools and services for free, then read on… (read more)

2015 Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference

MVP V-Conf The MVP Virtual Conference (MVP V-Conf) is a brand new, virtual (and free!), two-day event that will be held this year on Thursday, May 14th and Friday, May 15th. These sessions will be presented by Americas’ Region Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), who are exceptional community leaders who are passionate about sharing their… (read more)

Meet the Visual Studio 2015 Family

Today, Microsoft announced the editions of Visual Studio 2015 that will be available when Visual Studio 2015 is made available later this summer. You might recall that they announced Visual Studio Community Edition last November (read more about its features here). They have now gone a step further and revamped the remaining Visual Studio editions… (read more)

Visual Studio Online Search–Get in Now!

Most anyone that has been using a version control system for any amount of time has come to that point in their development career where they’ve asked the question – “I know I’ve seen that code before but where?” You don’t want to go through the hassle of having to recreate something you (or someone… (read more)

How/Is Visual Studio Online Protected?

If you have been pushing your company, or even yourself, toward using Microsoft’s Visual Studio Online (VSO) cloud offering, you’ve no doubt been on the other end of questions such as: How does Microsoft project my data? How do I know it’s not going to end up in the wrong hands? What happens if a… (read more)