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Visual Studio Online Search–Get in Now!

Most anyone that has been using a version control system for any amount of time has come to that point in their development career where they’ve asked the question – “I know I’ve seen that code before but where?” You don’t want to go through the hassle of having to recreate something you (or someone… (read more)

How/Is Visual Studio Online Protected?

If you have been pushing your company, or even yourself, toward using Microsoft’s Visual Studio Online (VSO) cloud offering, you’ve no doubt been on the other end of questions such as: How does Microsoft project my data? How do I know it’s not going to end up in the wrong hands? What happens if a… (read more)

Visual Studio 2015 CTP 5

In case you’re staying up to date with the latest releases of Visual Studio 2015 (still in CTP mode), the CTP 5 release is now available for download: Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2015 CTP (exe, iso) Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2015 CTP (x86, x64, arm) Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 SDK CTP (exe) Multibyte MFC… (read more)

Migrating WP 8.0 Apps to WP 8.1

If you’re like me and have been developing Windows Phone apps for a while (several years in my case) then you just might have more than one app in the store. In my case, I currently have eight apps published in the Windows Phone store. At the moment, all of these target Windows Phone 8.0… (read more)

Quick Edit in Visual Studio Online

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the final VSO updates for 2014.  One of the new features discussed was the Quick Edit features in VSO. At the time of that post, the updates hadn’t been propagated across all VSO accounts. I still don’t know if the new features have hit all accounts yet,… (read more)

Visual Studio Online/TFS Features & Roadmap

If you’ve been using and/or following Visual Studio Online and/or Team Foundation Server, you’re likely already familiar with the Features Timeline published by Microsoft. For those not familiar, it is essentially a running history of features that have been delivered via successive sprints (roughly every three weeks). Not only does it list available features but… (read more)

The Final VSO Updates for 2014

It’s nearing the end of 2014 (where’d the time go?!) and Microsoft has pushed out the final updates for Visual Studio Online for the year (the next release will be near the end of January, 2015). However, just because it’s the last push of the year doesn’t mean it isn’t a great update. In fact,… (read more)

It’s a Cross-Platform, Microsoft World!

If anyone would have suggested to me a couple of years ago that Microsoft was not only going to release one of its major cash cows (e.g. Microsoft Office) on both iOS- and Android-based platforms, but would also provide developers with some amazing tools to help them also build for and publish to non-Microsoft platforms,… (read more)

Build v.Next–What do we know?

As announced at Microsoft’s Connect(); event a couple of weeks ago, the company is working on several enhancements to their ALM stack. One of the changes announced is a major overhaul to their build system, currently referred to as Build v.Next. Although pieces of the new build functionality has been demoed on stage, we do… (read more)