Windows Unplugged Events Coming Soon

How many times have you wanted 10 minutes with someone from the Microsoft Windows team to ask a question, share a thought, get a best practice or maybe just better understand a feature? Well here is your chance.

Many of you remember Stephen Rose as the previous owner of the Springboard Series. One of the many programs he lead were the Springboard Series Tours across the US, Canada, Europe and South America.
“I’m excited to announce our Windows Unplugged Tour. Windows Unplugged is similar to the Springboard Series Tours we did in the past but scaled down since it’s just me who will be presenting. The events will take place in 5 cities in the US where I’ll be walking IT pros through the latest Windows, Windows Phone, Devices as well as Windows management tools. I’ll be encouraging the audience to drive the discussions and I will take everyone’s feedback back to Redmond. I’ll have lots of demos so it will be a great event.”
“These events will take place in Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, and Chicago. I am hoping to visit a few more cities at a later date. We will feed and water everyone as well as give away some software, gift cards, and a maybe even a few cool Windows 8.1 devices.  If folks want to attend, just check out the registration info is below. We only have space for around 150 people per event so folks should sign up quickly.”

Windows Unplugged Event Dates and Registration

Date City Registration
Thursday, May 22nd Atlanta, GA Link
Tuesday, May 27th San Francisco, CA Link
Thursday, May 29th Los Angeles, CA Link
Monday, June 2nd Indianapolis, IN Link
Wednesday, June 4th Chicago, IL Link

If you plan to be in the area of one of these events, this is a great opportunity to get your questions answered and possibly even end up with a cool, new device!