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While the Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)/Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015 Feature Index has been out for a little while now, I’m not sure how many people actually know about it. If you’re somewhat familiar with VSTS/TFS then you are aware that you can use the VSTS/TFS platform to manage your source code, track work items and even run automated builds and deployments. But are you aware of everything else that can be accomplished with VSTS/TFS? You might be surprised!

I am not going to detail everything the index covers because there is simply too much. However, here’s a high-level list of the categories within the index:

  • Access and supported clients
  • Agile tools to plan and track work
    • Backlogs
    • Bugs, tasks and issue tracking
    • Customize (TFS)
    • Customize (VSTS)
    • Kanban
    • Scale
    • Scrum
    • Workflow
    • Alerts and notifications
  • Code
    • Git
    • TFVC
    • Package management (VSTS)
  • Continuous Delivery
    • Build
    • Release (VSTS – Preview)
    • Test
  • Dashboards and Reports
    • Charts and dashboards
    • Power BI dashboards and reports (VSTS)
    • SQL Server Reports (TFS)
    • Widgets
  • Extensibility
    • Marketplace (VSTS)
    • Rest APIs
    • Service hooks
    • Global
  • Monitor
    • Application Insights (Preview)
    • HockeyApp
  • Navigation
    • Web portal
    • Security
    • Search, queries and filters
    • Setup and installation
    • Teams, team projects and processes
    • Process templates (TFS)
    • Team projects
    • Teams
    • Traceability

This index is great for learning about the features available within VSTS/TFS. Each of the above high-level categories is broken out into the features that comprise the category along with a short description. Links are included if you want to dive deeper into the details of each feature.

This index is also a great resource to have when comparing VSTS/TFS features to other platforms such as TeamCity. For example, here is a screen shot of the Build section within the VSTS/TFS Feature Index:


And here is a screenshot from the Build Infrastructure section of the TeamCity Features page:


While it isn’t necessarily an “apples-to-apples” comparison, it does give you a great starting point for codifying the value of the VSTS/TFS suite of tools.

So, when you have a little time, take the opportunity to look around the VSTS/TFS Feature Index. There might be more there than you realized!

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