Visual Studio Online/TFS Features & Roadmap

featuresIf you’ve been using and/or following Visual Studio Online and/or Team Foundation Server, you’re likely already familiar with the Features Timeline published by Microsoft. For those not familiar, it is essentially a running history of features that have been delivered via successive sprints (roughly every three weeks). Not only does it list available features but also shows what version of TFS the features is in (e.g. 2013.4) or whether it is VSO only (e.g. Future update).

Here is a partial screenshot of the current timeline:


The features in today’s release are shown at the top for 17 Dec 2014. You will notice that they are flagged as “Future update” which indicates that they are available in VSO (once the rollout has completed) but not yet available in TFS (on premises).

Looking at the top of this page is something relatively new, a section for “Features under development.” This section provides a glimpse into some of the more significant features that Microsoft is working to bring to VSO/TFS and provides a rough timeline indicating when those features might be made available (note: Planned Date reflects availability in VSO and Server reflects availability in TFS).

Currently, the features under development looks like this:


Something I am personally excited for is the Source Code Search Preview and, based on this, I shouldn’t have more than a few months to wait :-)

I personally hope to see more features show up in this roadmap but am excited for what’s already there as well.

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