Using OneNote for Publishing to WordPress

Recently, Microsoft announced three new OneNote partnersCloudHQ, Equil and WordPress. I find this exciting for the following reasons:

  1. I maintain my blog in WordPress
  2. I currently use Live Writer to create and publish my posts
  3. Live Writer hasn’t seen any love from Microsoft in a long time so I’m happy to see that I can now use OneNote to compose my posts if I want to start weaning myself from Live Writer :-)

If you are a WordPress user and are interested in making use of this new WordPress plugin, you can find the full installation instructions here.


The short version is:

    1. Install the OneNote Publisher WordPress plugin
    2. Navigate to the OneNote settings (under Settings–>OneNote) to provide the MSA Client ID and Secret.
    3. Click on the “Click here for instructions…” link to find out how to obtain the necessary values.

    4. Follow the instructions and you’re done.

Once the plugin has been installed and configured, you can then compose your posts within OneNote. That is what I am doing right now.

Once your post has been completed in OneNote, you will need to go back into WordPress and start a new post. Then click on the OneNote icon to select the blog post to be published.

This will display a selection window where you can select the OneNote page to be published. For example, this post:

NOTE: In my limited experience, the list does not always render on the first try. I’ve had to refresh the window (F5) a time or two along the way in order for everything to show up as expected.


Click OK and your post will be imported into WordPress where you can then publish using OneNote as the source!


Although there are still some features in Live Writer that I miss in OneNote (e.g. automatic links, ability to set specific image sizes, borders, etc.) I love that I can now start a blog post almost anywhere – using my tablet, PC or even phone and post it from any web browser when it’s ready.


I look forward to future updates to this plugin as well as additional products and features from other OneNote partners.


UPDATE: So far, I have only been successful in getting this plugin to work with the Chrome browser. I was not able to get it to work successfully with Firefox, IE, or Microsoft’s new Edge browser. Maybe it’s due to my specific installation or maybe it’s a known issue that is being worked on. Hopefully this is something that will be resolved in the near future (I have an open dialog going at the moment on the support forum).

2 thoughts on “Using OneNote for Publishing to WordPress

  • It also seems that writing is not supported. when i tried to port out written notes the html shows the inknode is not support.

    hopefully they add support in the future as it would be great for surface users

  • Darren Steele

    I know I’m revivifying a zombie post here… but I want to do this! Have you continued to blog from OneNote?

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