Presentations, Races, and MVP!

Lately, I’ve been quiet because I’ve been busy working on my presentation for this month’s VSLive! Las Vegas conference.  I’m looking forward to presenting on Team Build and meeting a lot of new people as well as catching up with some old acquaintances.  This will be my first time to Vegas so it should be a great time all around.

Along with that, I was also preparing for my first ever adventure race – the Berryman Adventure.  The race was held this past weekend, September 27th, and took us just under 13 hours to complete.  The disciplines included hiking/running, some swimming, canoeing, and mountain biking through the Ozarks in southern Missouri.  We did not come close to winning the race but we did complete it, which was a big accomplishment since it was our first race.  We enjoyed it so much that we plan on participating in as many as we can next year.

To top everything off, I received a message today informing me that I have been selected for Microsoft MVP – Team System!  Needless to say, I am excited, honored, and humbled all at the same time.  I’ve always enjoyed sharing knowledge and ideas with the developer community and now I have even more incentive than ever before.

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