Power Tools for TFS 2008 Roadmap

Brian Harry has posted a time line of which power tools will be released over the next month for TFS 2008.  In summary, these will include:

  • VSTS Web Access – the “final” version for TFS 2008.
  • MSSCCI Provider – will allow access to TFS 2008 from VS 2003, VS 2002, and VS 6 as well as other IDEs.
  • TFS Power Tools – the same basic TFS Power Tools that shipped for TFS 2005 but compiled against the TFS 2008 object model.
    • Process Template Editor – mainly bug fixes and small improvements.
    • Build Notification Tray App – this is a new Power Tool application that will allow you to monitor TFS builds via a Notification Tray application.
    • WI & WIT Destroy – support for the deletion of work items and work item types has been added to the tfpt command line utility.
    • Best Practices Analyzer – has been updated to work with TFS 2008.

It’s nice to read that these updates will be released soon as they have definitely become a necessity in the day-to-day operations using TFS.

You can read the full details, including the timeline, here.