MSDN Subscriptions and Pluralsight

As announced at Microsoft’s Connect(); event last week, MSDN subscription benefits now include access to Pluralsight training. Depending upon your MSDN subscription level, you get a set number of curated Pluralsight courses, for 12 months, as follows:

MSDN Subscription Level Pluralsight Courses
Professional 10
Premium 20
Ultimate 30

You also get access to the more advanced Pluralsight features such as offline viewing via mobile apps, pre- and post-course assessments, downloadable course exercise files, and course discussion forums.

To sign up for your Pluralsight benefits using your MSDN subscription, go to:

Once you sign in, you’ll be greeted with a page similar to the following:


Click on Activate your Pluralsight benefits and you will be taken to Pluralsight’s landing page for MSDN benefits.


Under Course Catalog you will see the list of courses available to you. Expanding Visual Studio and ALM will display the following list:


Since I have an Ultimate MSDN subscription, I see a total of 30 courses listed if I expand all categories. I can only assume that if you have a Professional or Premium subscription then you’ll see a total of 10 and 20 courses, respectively.

To complete the activation of your benefits, click on the Activate your Pluralsight benefits button on the above screen. This will take you to Pluralsight’s web site where you can register.

If you decide that the curated set of courses is not enough for you, you can also get a 15% discount on the full course library as well.

For links to the Pluralsight mobile apps, click here. It’s worth noting that this page lists apps for PC/Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Table, Android Phone, and Windows Phone. It does not include a link to the Windows Store app but searching for Pluralsight in the Windows Store brings it up for you.

If you’re lucky enough to have an MSDN subscription then your benefits have just gotten better!

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