Microsoft Build 2020 – This Week!

Microsoft Build, Microsoft’s premier developer conference, starts this week (May 19 – 20)! As I mentioned in this previous post, the Redmond-based company is presenting the entire conference online (for free!).

If you have not yet registered for the conference, there’s still time so register now!

There appears to be a great lineup of sessions and speakers for this year’s digital event including some well-known speakers such as “The Scott’s” (both Guthrie and Hanselman) as well as the man in charge himself, Satya Nadella.

The event starts Tuesday, May 19th at 08:00am (PDT). There are a mix of event types including: Community, Digital Breakouts, Live, Key Segments and Image Cup.

It’s worth noting that all sessions will be presented three times each day making it easier for those across the globe to take part in this event. Also, everything is being recorded so you can easily catch up with anything you might miss after the event has concluded.

The basic agenda looks like this:

While there is a ton of great content waiting to spill out of this event, I am probably most excited to see and hear about what Satya has to say during the kickoff. Beyond that, I am excited to see what new capabilities are coming to all the developers out there.

If you have already created your personal session schedule, or maybe you’re just starting, you might have noticed that some sessions are flagged as being full. Microsoft is limiting attendance to the various sessions, though I don’t personally know what the cap is. I can only assume this is to help ensure a certain level of quality as the sessions are broadcast to a lot of attendees around the planet. So… if you haven’t started planning your session schedule, I highly recommend you do it as soon as possible!

I will come back after the conference with a recap of what I personally found the most interesting and useful from the conference. I will be curious to see what you might have gotten out of it as well.


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