Extending TFS and Visual Studio Online eBook–Update 1

TFSBookLogoBack in May, I wrote about the initial release of Extending TFS and Visual Studio Online, an eBook that Mike Douglas and I have been working on. To reiterate, the primary focus of this book will be to provide scenario-based examples on how to utilize the new REST-based APIs and Service Hooks. Based on our everyday experiences with TFS and Visual Studio Online, along with feedback from our readers, we plan to provide a book that will be simply indispensible for anyone wishing to extend TFS or Visual Studio Online using the new API.

Although our original plan was to publish updates every few weeks, the typical summer schedule has gotten in our way a bit (e.g. vacations, activities, nice weather, etc.) so it’s taken a little longer than originally anticipated to get the first update out.

That said, I’m happy to announce that Mike and I have just published the first update to the book! Although we have made several tweaks throughout the book (based on our readers’ feedback!) the major update to the book includes the completion of two chapters: Ch. 15 – Service Hooks and Ch. 17 – Using OAuth.

The current table of contents is as follows (though, still subject to change):

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Part I – The Basics
    • Chapter 1: Overview of Team Foundation Server
    • Chapter 2: A History of Team Foundation Server APIs
    • Chapter 3: A REST Primer
  • Part II – Using the Team Foundation APIs
    • Chapter 4: Our First REST API Call
    • Chapter 5: Work Items
    • Chapter 6: Team Foundation Version Control
    • Chapter 7: Git
    • Chapter 8: Build Definitions
    • Chapter 9: Builds
    • Chapter 10: Workspaces
    • Chapter 11: Team Room Management
    • Chapter 12: Team Room Activities
    • Chapter 13: Reporting and Charts
    • Chapter 14: Projects and Teams
    • Chapter 15: Service Hooks
  • Part III – Other Resources
    • Chapter 16: Using Fiddler
    • Chapter 17: Using OAuth
    • Resources

The chapters listed in bold have been at least partially completed. The chapters in blue are the most recent chapters completed for the latest update.

If you have an interest in extending Team Foundation Server and/or Visual Studio Online, then this is (will be) the book for you. Purchasing the book now locks in all future updates for only $4.99!

You can read more about the book and purchase it here. Please utilize the feedback section on the book site if you have any questions and/or suggestions. We welcome any and all feedback – especially if it helps us to provide a better, and more useful, book for everyone.

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