App Studio–Where’s it at Now?

App Development, Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10
Nearly a year and a half ago I wrote about Windows Phone App Studio. In that article, I walk through the basic steps of creating a simple Windows Phone app that uses my blog site RSS feed to list and display articles. Nothing too fancy or even complex but it was enough to show that you could create an app that does “something” relatively easy and have it up and running on your devices very quickly.Fast forward 16 months and Microsoft’s App Studio is now simply, App Studio and is still designated as “Beta”. It is no longer Windows Phone specific but is now capable of building apps for not only Windows phones but also PCs and tablets. You even have a choice of Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (though…
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Microsoft HoloLens–Hands on at Build 2015

Conferences, HoloLens, Windows 10
During the last few minutes of the Day 1 Keynote at Build 2015, Microsoft’s Alex Kipman announced that “hundreds” of HoloLens devices had been brought to Build for developers to try out. There was instant excitement that was just as quickly followed up with disappointment. Alex went on to explain that attendees were required to sign up (via a web site) for a chance at getting their hands on the much-anticipated device. I, along with a friend that joined me at Build, signed up immediately. A few hours later, we both received e-mail messages letting us know that we were not selected to take part in the HoloLens activities. Boo! However, about five hours later, I received a follow-up message letting me know that I had been confirmed as a…
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Mastering Multiple Desktops in Windows 10

Windows, Windows 10
Some Quick Background Information For years, Windows has had the ability to easily switch between running applications by pressing the ALT+TAB key combination. As one would expect, this still works, just as it always has, in the Windows 10 Preview. Also, since Windows Vista, the WIN+TAB key combination provided an alternate view for switching among tasks – one that takes advantage of hardware graphics acceleration. What’s New in Windows 10 With Windows 10, there is also now an option of creating and switching among multiple desktop configurations. Firstly, to create an additional desktop, you can press WIN+CTRL+D. Doing so will create a new, “empty”, desktop and immediately switch over to it. To switch between desktops, press WIN+TAB. This opens the new Task View and displays a list of open desktops…
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