Deleting Work Items in TFS – a UI

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If you work with Work Items in VSTS/Team Foundation Server then you’ve probably had the desire to delete a work item at some point.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Just right-click a work item and select… wait, there’s no Delete option?  That’s right – the Team Foundation Client does not include any functionality for deleting work items from TFS. Although it’s a tad inconvenient, you can delete work items from TFS by installing the Team Foundation Server Power Tools  (October 2008 release or greater).  Of the many features available as part of the power tools, there is a command called destroywi that can be used to delete work items.  For example, to delete the work item ID 1234, use the command: tfpt destroywi /server:tfs-dev /workitemid:1234 Although this is a relatively straightforward…
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VSTS 2010 Feature List

Team System, Visual Studio
Brian Harry has started a series of posts detailing the new features in Visual Studio Team System 2010.  In his first post, he lists the high-level features along with associated blogs that provide further details.  He will be drilling into more detail with future posts but this is a great list if you’re just wanting an idea of what’s new in VSTS 2010.
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Omaha Team System User Group

Team System, User Group, Utilities
Due to the recent birth of our new son, Zachary, I am somewhat late in getting this post on-line.  Although I am a little behind in getting this posted, I still want to get the word out about our last presentation at the Omaha Team System User Group. On March 24th, Farm Credit Services of America (FCSA) once again hosted the user group meeting.  Many thanks go out to Russ Wagner for his continued help and for accepting the position as co-leader of the Omaha Team System User Group! This meeting’s topic was presented by Jeremy Novak, a developer at Farm Credit Services of America.  Jeremy presented on a new open source product called Remote Test Runner – or, RTR. RTR was originally developed at FCSA for internal use to…
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Team System Live

Team System
I came across a (relatively) new site yesterday called Team System Live.  This site is built on the Ning platform and was put together by Chris Tullier.  It provides a great view into various live events related to Visual Studio Team System.  There are various event types, including: In Person events such as workshops and user group meetings On-line events hosted by Microsoft Office Live Meeting On-line chats You can add your own events or you can search for existing events by keyword or browse based on event type or date.  Once you locate an event of interest, you can easily add it to Outlook or iCal.  As of the time of this post there were 32 on-line events and 28 in person events listed on the site. The site…
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VSTS 2010 + .NET Framework 4.0 CTP

CTP, Team System, Visual Studio
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Community Technology Preview (CTP) has been made available for download (as of 26 Oct 2008).  You can get the latest bits here. It is about a 7.5 GB download so be prepared for it to take a little while, especially since it was just released. There is a ton of new functionality in VSTS 2010, far too much to enumerate in this post.  However, you can check this previous post of mine as a starting point for getting more details. Download VSTS 2010 .NET 4.0 CTP
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VSLive! Las Vegas – Day 3

Conferences, Team System, TFS
Well, the "regular" conference sessions are now over.  All that is left is the post-conference session which includes an all-day hands on lab for LINQ.  I will spend part of the day in this session until it's time to head to the airport. Once again, I spent the last session day in ALM sessions related to Team Foundation Server. The first session of the day was mine, "Using Team Foundation Build in the "Real" World".  I thought the session went very well (I suppose the feedback will tell the real story :-).  There was great attendance and a lot of great questions being asked.  I really enjoyed presenting at VSLive! and hope to do it again in the future. The remaining sessions covered implementing cross platform/language builds using TFS, migration…
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Visual Studio 2010 Links

Team System, Visual Studio
There has been a lot of information coming out over the past couple of weeks regarding Visual Studio 2010 so I thought I'd consolidate a list of links that provide some information about what may be included in the next release: Informational Posts Visual Studio Team System 2010 Overview - a quick overview of what's being accomplished in VSTS 2010. PodCasts and Videos RadioTFS Interview with Habib Heydarian on VS 2010 Developer Features. Historical Debugger (10:47) - demonstrates the use of the Historical Debugger in VSTS 2010.  This promises to be a great feature for developers everywhere! An early look at Team Foundation Build 2010 with Jim Lamb (34:46) - a great video with with Jim Lamb demonstrating some of the new features in Team Build 2010.  I've also written…
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Team Foundation Build 2010

Team Build, Team System, TFS
I just finished watching a great video from Jim Lamb on Channel 9 covering some of the new features for Team Foundation Build 2010.  The video is about 35 minutes long and is well worth the watch.  Here's a quick synopsis of what's covered in the video: Team Foundation Build 2010 will support Windows Workflow 4.0.  This feature alone would make a worthy upgrade to Team Foundation Build.  The new Workflow UI being designed for the .NET Framework 4.0 will be included in the build type editor within VS 2010 providing a fantastic user experience for modifying build types (can you say "XML - not for me, thank you" :-).  There will be several Team Foundation Build-related Workflow Activities included out of the box with VS 2010 and I would…
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Presentations, Races, and MVP!

Conferences, Team System
Lately, I've been quiet because I've been busy working on my presentation for this month's VSLive! Las Vegas conference.  I'm looking forward to presenting on Team Build and meeting a lot of new people as well as catching up with some old acquaintances.  This will be my first time to Vegas so it should be a great time all around. Along with that, I was also preparing for my first ever adventure race - the Berryman Adventure.  The race was held this past weekend, September 27th, and took us just under 13 hours to complete.  The disciplines included hiking/running, some swimming, canoeing, and mountain biking through the Ozarks in southern Missouri.  We did not come close to winning the race but we did complete it, which was a big accomplishment…
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VS 2008 SP1 Tidbits – 1 of X

Team System, TFS, Visual Studio
Sometimes it’s the little things that excite me the most :-)  For instance, in the recently released Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 (VS 2008 SP1), there are a few nice enhancements to the Team Explorer and Source Control Explorer that I find extremely helpful.  These enhancements include: The ability to right-click on a build type within Team Explorer and select “View Configuration Folder”.  This will open the Source Control Explorer pane and take you directly to the folder containing the selected build type.  This is a great time saver – especially now that TFS 2008 supports storing your build types in any folder you choose.   Having non-solution files automatically checked out when you start modifying them.  This is especially useful in build type (TFSBuild.proj) files.  How many times…
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