My First Experience with the AGENT Smartwatch SDK

For Fun, Smartwatch
If you follow the smartwatch industry at all, it’s likely you’ve heard of at least a couple of up and coming offerings.  One is the Pebble smartwatch, one of Kickstarter’s great success stories.  This project had an initial goal of raising $100,000 and ended up raising over $1,000,000!  I backed the Pebble project and was super excited when it showed up a few months ago.Although I don’t use an iPhone for day-to-day use (I really love my Nokia Lumia 920), I do own one so I was able to link it with the Pebble and play around.  After trying out several watch faces, and a few apps, I really wanted to create some watch faces of my own.  However, Windows Phone is not currently supported (nor do I know if…
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