PSA: Backup Your BitLocker Key

OneDrive, Security, Tips
Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption is a feature integrated into Windows that allows you to encrypt data stored on your computer/tablet. For the most part, everything “just works” and you never have to think about BitLocker once you’ve enabled it on your computer. However, it is possible that BitLocker could encounter an issue or condition that prevents it from being able to unlock your drive. If you’ve encrypted a portable drive using BitLocker to Go, and you’ve forgotten the password, you will not be able to retrieve your files. That is, unless you have a BitLocker recover key. Creating a BitLocker recovery key is fairly quick and simple. You also have multiple options of where/how to store your recovery key. To create a BitLocker recovery key (for Windows 10): Press the…
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Application Security Chalk Talk

Security, User Group
At Farm Credit Services of America, where I am employed, we go through great lengths to ensure our development teams have plenty of training opportunities to help ensure we can develop the best possible user experience for our customers. These opportunities might come in the form of local or national conferences, self-paced learning – such as with Pluralsight – or in-house training – some of which is taught by employees and others taught by outside experts. Starting this week, we have the pleasure of bringing in two top-notch security experts from TrueSec to provide application security training to all of our developers - Hasain Alshakarti and Fabio Viggiani. While here, they have graciously agreed to host an Application Security Chalk Talk for anyone interested in attending. This chalk talk is…
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