Markdown to WordPress Extension Now Open Source

Azure DevOps Extensions, Open Source (OSS)
About two and a half years ago (wow, time flies!) I wrote about a Markdown to WordPress extension that I had built for Visual Studio Team Services (now Azure DevOps). This extension was borne out of the desire to manage markdown files within version control (e.g. Azure Repos) and publish them to WordPress via a build definition. Two and a half years later, we are still making use of this extension. Since the original preview release there have been a few tweaks made to the extension that resolved a few bugs as well as introduced some new functionality - e.g. the ability to (optionally) add an "Edit this page" button at the bottom of each post that, when clicked, would take the reader to the associated markdown file in version…
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Open Live Writer–It’s Alive!

General News, Open Source (OSS)
Like many other bloggers out there on the interweb I have been using Windows Live Writer for many years. If you are also a Windows Live Writer user, then you also likely know that the product has not been updated for several years (the latest version is from 2012). Although the current version works it has grown stagnate in its feature set. That’s why I am excited to find out that Microsoft has open sourced Windows Live Write as Open Live Writer as of December 9th, 2015! You can find the official announcement here on the .NET Foundation web site.From here on out, Open Live Writer will be maintained and expanded by the open source community. What this means is that if there is a feature you’d like to help…
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