Blog Issues

For anyone that follows my blog at all, you have likely noticed that over the past few days (weeks?) it has been a bit unstable. At first, it was a minor annoyance but it eventually escalated to the point where the site was down more than it was up. I finally contacted my hosting provider (Arvixe) and they informed me that they had a corrupted InnoDB (storage engine for MySQL) that needed to be recovered and that they were working to get everything back up and running.

I was happy to wake up this morning with this link informing me that this particular issue had been resolved and is now closed!

Why am I telling you this? Well, firstly just because I’m happy to have my blog (hopefully!) be stable again and, secondly, because I love to share great customer support stories with the world :-) I do not get anything for free from Arvixe (other than good service) but just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone else has considered using Arvixe and is looking for any success stories.

All that said, I am always keeping an eye out on the competition. If you have success stories with your hosting provided, feel free to share them below.