Azure DevOps Launch Event

Odds are, you’ve noticed by now that Microsoft introduced Azure DevOps yesterday. While there are a lot of details around this announcement, the short version is that Azure DevOps is an evolution of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and introduces the following:


Azure Pipelines  Azure Pipelines

CI/CD that works with any language, platform, and cloud. Connect to GitHub or any Git repository and deploy continuously. Learn More >

Azure Boards  Azure Boards

Powerful work tracking with Kanban boards, backlogs, team dashboards, and custom reporting. Learn more >

Azure Artifacts  Azure Artifacts

Maven, npm, and NuGet package feeds from public and private sources. Learn more >

Azure Repos  Azure Repos

Unlimited cloud-hosted private Git repos for your project. Collaborative pull requests, advanced file management, and more. Learn more >

Azure Test Plans  Azure Test Plans

All in one planned and exploratory testing solution. Learn more >

There is a lot to cover with Azure DevOps so I’m hoping to post a series of related articles over the coming days. However, to learn more about Azure DevOps straight from the source, be sure to check out the up-coming Azure DevOps Launch live streams starting later this morning (11 Sep 2018).