TFS Build Manager for VS 2013 Updated

screenshotToday, the Community TFS Build Extensions on CodePlex released an update to the Community TFS Build Manager VS2013 add-in. If you spend any time at all managing multiple build definitions, build results, and/or build servers, then you need to give this add-in a try.
Updates & fixes include:

  • NEW – Search and replace workspace mappings
  • NEW – Filter Build Definitions via text
  • NEW – Access build logs in web access
  • NEW – Build Duration and Agent Name columns
  • NEW – Friendly Trigger Names
  • NEW – Easily queue high priority builds
  • NEW – Clone to Project
  • FIX – Case insensitive comparisons when changing drop location of existing builds
  • FIX – Invalid Project Reference issue
  • FIX – Only change & save the new process template only if it’s a different one
  • FIX – UI typo in Change Drop Location screen

The current feature set include:

  • View and sort Builds and Build Definitions across multiple Build Controllers and Team Projects
  • Bulk operations on Build Definitions
    • Change Build Templates
    • Queue
    • Enable
    • Disable
    • Delete
    • Edit
    • Set Retention Policies
    • Change Drop Location 
    • Change Build Controller
    • Change Build Triggers
  • Clone Build Definitions (includes workspace mapping translation)
  • Create a DGML image of your Builds and Controllers
  • Bulk operations on Builds
    • Delete
    • Set Build Quality
    • Open Drop Folders
    • Retain Indefinitely
    • Stop/Cancel

A standalone Windows Application is also available as part of the Community TFS Build Extensions CodePlex project.
Download the Community TFS Build Manager for Visual Studio 2013 here.

TFS Build Manager for VS 2013 Updated

by Jeff Bramwell time to read: 1 min