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VSTS-Tools ‘Keep’ Build Extension

If you are making use of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to manage your automated builds then you are likely already aware that completed builds are kept for a maximum of 10 days by default. You can increase the default up to 30 days but no longer (using TFS on premises gives you more control… (read more)

VSTS-Tools Build Extensions

Last week I wrote about how you can make use of PowerShell to log extended diagnostics information when running a build. The two examples I included showed you how to collect environment variable information (e.g. names and values) as well as list (recursively) folders and files beneath a specified folder. As an additional exercise, I… (read more)

Get (more) Build Agent Details with PowerShell

Chance are you are already aware that you can use the system.debug variable with your builds to get diagnostics-level information (i.e. verbose) when running your builds. If this is news to you, then try setting system.debug to true in the Variables tab for one of your build definitions and run the build.   After running… (read more)

VSTS-Tools now on GitHub

Several of the past few posts that I have published have revolved around various Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) REST API calls (you can click on the “View API Articles” button to the right to view the list of articles). Rather than relying purely on blog posts to provide example source code for these REST… (read more)

Download a File using VSTS REST APIs

Adding yet another post related to Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) REST APIs, I thought I’d cover an example of how to download a file from a Git repo in VSTS using the REST APIs (I will cover TFVC-based repositories in another post). In the example below, I will be using C# to make the… (read more)

Calling VSTS APIs with PowerShell

Continuing along with my other various examples of VSTS API calls, I thought I’d include an example on how to call a Visual Studio Team Services REST API using PowerShell. To provide a concrete example, consider this scenario: We use VSTS-based builds to build our projects and create artifacts (e.g. web apps/services, binaries, etc.). We… (read more)

VSTS Keyboard Shortcuts

Computers have been part of my daily routine for many years now (over three decades!) and I’ve used a lot of software in that time. My primary applications tend to include various software development tools (such as Visual Studio, ReSharper, Fiddler, etc.), productivity software (such as Microsoft Office, various text editors, etc.) and so on…. (read more)