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Building with Microsoft Tools–For FREE!

With two of Microsoft’s primary competitors (Apple and Google) offering their development tools free of charge (Xcode and Android Studio, respectively) have you ever wished you could develop on Microsoft’s platforms for FREE? Well… if you didn’t already know that Microsoft offers a good number of development tools and services for free, then read on… (read more)

VS 2013 Premium vs. VS 2015 Enterprise

As I recently covered, Microsoft has announced that the Visual Studio Premium with MSDN and Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN editions will be combined into a single, new edition for Visual Studio 2015 – Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise with MSDN. If you have an active Visual Studio 2013 Premium w/MSDN subscription, you will be upgraded,… (read more)

What Features are in Visual Studio Community 2013?

In case you missed it, Microsoft announced a new, FREE version of Visual Studio at their Connect(); event this past Wednesday – Visual Studio Community 2013. This is a brand new edition that will likely replace the Express SKUs available today. You can use the Community edition for FREE in the following scenarios: Any individual… (read more)

Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio

Microsoft has introduced a new Visual Studio extension – Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio (currently tagged as Beta). This extension allows you, the developer, to locate millions of code snippets and sample projects from within the Visual Studio IDE. Essentially, this extension combines the features of two previous extensions: Bing Code Search and Sample… (read more)

Using Git and Visual Studio Online (Part 1 of 4)

At our latest Omaha ALM User Group meeting, a couple of nights ago, Paul Oliver gave a talk on using Git with Visual Studio Online (formerly known as Team Foundation Service). Even though we didn’t record his session Paul has decided to do a set of screencasts of his talk. The first of four parts… (read more)

Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 Released

The final release of Update 1 for Visual Studio 2013 is now available. This update consists mainly of a collection of bug fixes and there is no update for Team Foundation Server 2013 with this release (there will be an update to TFS with the release of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2). You can see… (read more)