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Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio

Microsoft has introduced a new Visual Studio extension – Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio (currently tagged as Beta). This extension allows you, the developer, to locate millions of code snippets and sample projects from within the Visual Studio IDE. Essentially, this extension combines the features of two previous extensions: Bing Code Search and Sample… (read more)

Visual Studio 2012 & TFS 2012 Update 4 Available

The final release of Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 and Team Foundation Server Update 4 is now available for download. Here are the links: Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 (view details) Team Foundation Server 2012 Update 4 (view details) The Visual Studio 2012 update is available as a web installer (1.3MB); However, you can run… (read more)

Visual Studio/TFS Update 2 Released

The latest update for Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server 2012, Update 2, has been released.  There is a lot of new functionality included in this release and rather than duplicate all the details here, I’ll simply refer you to this post on the Visual Studio ALM + Team Foundation Server Blog as well… (read more)

Visual Studio 2012 Available August 15th + Windows 8

Today Microsoft announced that the final build of Visual Studio 2012 has been completed.  The final bits will be available for download from MSDN and “elsewhere” on August 15th.  The official launch will be on September 12th via an on-line event.  You can find out more about the launch event here: http://www.visualstudiolaunch.com/ Also from Microsoft, today… (read more)

Visual Studio 2012/TFS 2012 RC Released

The Visual Studio 2102 (formerly Visual Studio “11”) Release Candidate (RC) and Team Foundation Server 2012 RC has been released by Microsoft.  The downloads are available now on the MSDN Subscribers Download site and I would expect the downloads to be available on the usual non-subscriber sites soon. Check out this post from Brian Harry… (read more)

Visual Studio 11 UI Changes Coming…

When Visual Studio 11 Beta was released a few months back there were some drastic changes to the overall user interface (UI) within Visual Studio.  Namely, the UI was pretty much devoid of all color (short of various shades of gray).  Needless to say there was a tremendous amount of feedback provided to Microsoft pleading… (read more)

Team Foundation Service Whitepaper in Beta

The Visual Studio ALM Rangers have shipped another deliverable as part of the ALM Rangers Visual Studio 11 Readiness “Gig” Project – the Team Foundation Service Preview whitepaper. If you have been following the various developments of Visual Studio 11 and Team Foundation Server 11 then you are already aware that Microsoft now offers a… (read more)

TFS 11 Power Tools Beta Released

A beta release of the TFS 11 Power Tools has been released.  This release can run side-by-side with the TFS 2010 Power Tools (with some caveats – see below). The features included with this release are: TFS 11 Power Tools Team Foundation Power Tool Command Line (tfpt.exe) Team Explorer Enhancements Windows Shell Extensions (*note: depending… (read more)

Windows 8 Beta and Visual Studio 11 Beta Quick Links

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Windows 8 Beta or Visual Studio 11 Beta, a list of links are provided below for convenience.  If there is anything missing (from the February 29th beta wave release), please leave a comment below and we’ll get it added to the list. Windows 8 Windows 8 Consumer Preview Windows… (read more)

Comparing Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 11 Beta Editions

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that the Visual Studio 11 Beta would be available on February 29th.  I expect there to be a lot of information coming out over the next few weeks (and months) covering the various features in the updated tools. If you are curious about what’s included in each of the Visual Studio 11… (read more)