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Visual Studio 2010 VM and Hands-on-Labs

Brian Keller recently posted the availability of the new Visual Studio 2010 RTM Virtual Machine with Sample Data and Hands-on-Labs. This virtual machine (VM) includes Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010, and a sample application along with sample data which supports 9 hands-on-labs. This VM includes everything you need to learn… (read more)

Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Tooling Guidance

The Visual Studio ALM Rangers have just released the Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Tooling Guidance.  Here is the description of the guidance: Practical guidance for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, focused on modeling tools. This release includes common usage scenarios, hands on labs and lessons learned from community discussions. The scenarios include understanding and reverse engineering… (read more)

Check for Warnings/Errors Check-in Policy

A while back, I wrote about the Check for Warnings/Errors Check-in Policy – a custom check-in policy that I had developed for Team Foundation Server 2008.  Yesterday, I published version 2.1, updated for Team Foundation Server 2010, to the Visual Studio Gallery.  The features are the same as the TFS 2008 version with a couple… (read more)

Visual Studio 2010/TFS 2010 Utility Roundup

Well, Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 have been “in the wild” for a little over a week now.  Now that the RTM versions have had a few days to settle in, I decided to do a quick survey of some of my favorite utilities to see if they have been updated to… (read more)

Visual Studio 2010 Launches/RTMs!

After months (years?) of anticipation, Visual Studio 2010 has finally launched/RTM’d!  If you are a MSDN subscriber, you can download the full version from the MSDN Subscribers site.  The trial editions should be available on the Microsoft Downloads site soon. There are far too many new features in Visual Studio 2010 to be listed here. … (read more)

Team Explorer 2005 Update for TFS 2010 is Available

If you are using Visual Studio 2005 (along with Team Explorer 2005) to access Team Foundation Server, an update patch has been released that will allow Team Explorer 2005 to communicate with Team Foundation Server 2010. In general, after installing the update patch, you will be able to use Visual Studio 2005 to access legacy… (read more)

Save on Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Pre-Order Now

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional will launch on April 12 but you can beat the rush and secure your copy today by pre-ordering at the affordable estimated retail price of $549, a saving of $250. If you use a previous version of Visual Studio or any other development tool then you are eligible for this… (read more)

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Installation Failure

If you attempt to install the .NET Framework 4 (RC – not sure yet if this will be an issue at RTM) or Visual Studio 2010/Team Foundation Server 2010 RC (which will install the .NET Framework 4 as a dependency) and the Windows Update service is not running, the install will fail. When installing Team… (read more)

Ten Features in Visual Studio 2010 You May Not Know About

There are a LOT of new features coming in Visual Studio 2010.  Some of them are very big features (e.g. IntelliTrace, Microsoft Test Manager, etc.).  However, there are lots of smaller features that, even though small, are great additions to Visual Studio. It would take a lot of time and space to list each and… (read more)

Team Foundation Server Power Tools for TFS 2010 RC

If you’ve been trying out Team Foundation Server 2010 RC then you’ll be pleased to know that the Team Foundation Server Power Tools have been released for TFS 2010 RC.  This release contains mostly fixes and compatibility improvements for the RC.  The Team Members Power Tool is now functional as well – although if you’re… (read more)