Keep Team Foundation Server Hummin’

TFS, Tips
Based on his experiences in the field, Grant Holliday has put together a great checklist of tasks to help you keep Team Foundation Server running smoothly.  The list is comprised of the following categories of tasks: The initial setup and provisioning of the hardware, operating system and SQL platform Regular OS system administrator tasks Regular SQL DBA tasks TFS-specific configurations Regular TFS administrator tasks To see the full checklist, read the post here.
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Tracking Home Inventory

OneDrive, Tips
About a month ago, I received a message from my sister informing me that her house had been robbed and that pretty much everything of value had been stolen.  Luckily, she wasn’t home when the robbery took place so she wasn’t in any danger of being harmed.  Not everything that was taken can be replaced (e.g. family heirlooms, jewelry, etc.) so we are hopeful that at least some of her valuables will be located.  However, if they are located, she will still have to prove they are hers.  Luckily, she had recorded the serial numbers of the items (e.g. camera, laptop, etc.).  Having the serial numbers recorded does not guarantee that one will get their stolen property returned to them.  However, if your stolen property is recovered, it will definitely…
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How Many Windows 8 Apps are in the Windows Store?

Tips, Windows 8
Although there are roughly one bazillion (yes, I made that number up :-) “desktop” apps currently available that will run on Windows 8, the number of Metro “Windows Store” apps still measures in the hundreds (not hundreds of thousands, just hundreds).  If you’re curious about how many Windows Store apps are available in your marketplace, follow these steps: Launch the Windows Store app. Open the Charms Bar and tap Search (or press Logo+Q). Enter * (an asterisk) as the search term and press Enter (ensure Store is the selected search source). As of the time of writing this, there are 937 Windows Store apps available (in my marketplace). NOTE: There may be a simpler, quicker way to determine the app count for Windows Store apps, I just haven’t come across…
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Ten Features in Visual Studio 2010 You May Not Know About

Tips, Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2010
There are a LOT of new features coming in Visual Studio 2010.  Some of them are very big features (e.g. IntelliTrace, Microsoft Test Manager, etc.).  However, there are lots of smaller features that, even though small, are great additions to Visual Studio. It would take a lot of time and space to list each and every new feature in Visual Studio 2010 so I’ve picked ten new features that I personally find interesting and outlined them below: Removing Recent Items – If you make use of the Recently Used List (RUL) in Visual Studio, then you’ve no doubt had items in this list that no longer exist on your file system.  Although there have been several custom Visual Studio add-ins created to allow you to clear the RUL, it has…
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Cleaning the Visual Studio 2005 MRU List

Tips, Visual Studio
I came across this utility a while back that allows you to easily remove project items from the Visual Studio MRU list. It works for the 2002, 2003, and 2005 versions. I saw a post today on a forum asking for a utility to do this so I thought I'd post this out for others to see (source code is included).Check it out at:
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