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Extending TFS and Visual Studio Online eBook–Update 1

Back in May, I wrote about the initial release of Extending TFS and Visual Studio Online, an eBook that Mike Douglas and I have been working on. To reiterate, the primary focus of this book will be to provide scenario-based examples on how to utilize the new REST-based APIs and Service Hooks. Based on our… (read more)

Even More of Getting Started with the TFS 2010 Object Model

Back in October, I presented on Getting Started with the TFS Object Model (as well as a look at what’s coming in Visual Studio 11) at the Tulsa TechFest.  I had intended to post the source code for the demos I ran through during my talk but I never got around to it and it… (read more)

OTSUG Meeting: Kinect + TFS = Kinban

Although the Omaha Team System User Group has not met in several months we had a great meeting tonight.  As always, our meeting was hosted by Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica).  This time, however, we had the privilege of meeting in the brand new building that just opened last month.  The new building is… (read more)

Getting Up and Running with the TFS 2010 Object Model

I recently wrote a post for the MVP Award Program blog titled “Getting Up and Running with the TFS 2010 Object Model”.  If you are looking for some basic information on how to start writing your first Team Foundation Server utility then please check it out.  If you have any questions and/or regarding the post… (read more)

Adding Properties to Artifacts within TFS 2010

As you know, you can store a lot of information within Team Foundation Server – in the form of Work Items and Versioned Items (e.g. source code).  While these are great features within TFS there are times when you want to store other types of information within TFS and/or “tag” existing items with custom information. … (read more)

TFSExamples.com – Part II

A while back, I blogged about a new site that I created called TFSExamples.com with the intent that it serve as a community-based repository for examples showing how to make use of the TFS object model.  Several great examples were added by various supporters over the last year or so. Several weeks ago, the server… (read more)

Get Files Associated with a Build

One of the greatest features of Team Foundation Server is it’s extensibility via the TFS Object Model.  A short while back I received a question asking how to retrieve a list of all files included in all the changesets associated with a build.  The intent (of the person asking the question) was to deploy only… (read more)


A few days ago a fellow co-worker asked me if I could create a simple build task that would allow anyone on their team the opportunity to cancel a build, once it has been queued, before the build actually did anything.  The idea was simple: A new build gets queued. The build sends out an… (read more)

Cleaning Up Old Team Projects

A few days ago a co-worker sent out an e-mail asking if any of several team projects were still in use; if not, then they would be removed from Team Foundation Server. Looking at the list it was easy enough to recognize a few active projects but others would take more investigation.  After sending my… (read more)