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How To: Skip Actions When Queuing a Build

One of the tasks we commonly build into our Team Build scripts is the ability to run FitNesse tests along with other tests (such as unit tests).  If any of the tests fail, we do not deploy the product for user acceptance testing. The advantage to this approach is that we find out relatively quickly… (read more)

Team Foundation Build 2010

I just finished watching a great video from Jim Lamb on Channel 9 covering some of the new features for Team Foundation Build 2010.  The video is about 35 minutes long and is well worth the watch.  Here’s a quick synopsis of what’s covered in the video: Team Foundation Build 2010 will support Windows Workflow… (read more)

VSLive! Las Vegas

Several weeks ago I was informed that I had been selected to present at this year’s VSLive! in Las Vegas.  Although I have presented at other conferences in the past (e.g. Heartland Developers Conference and Tulsa TechFest) this will be the largest conference I’ve presented at to date.  I have to admit, I’m pretty excited… (read more)


A few days ago a fellow co-worker asked me if I could create a simple build task that would allow anyone on their team the opportunity to cancel a build, once it has been queued, before the build actually did anything.  The idea was simple: A new build gets queued. The build sends out an… (read more)

Creating Team Build Types

I was answering a question related to programmatically creating team build types today and realized there weren’t too many examples on the web.  I didn’t see any examples that included all the details I was looking for – for example: Adding the solution to be built to the new build type Turning on/off test execution… (read more)

Omaha Team System User Group

Well, the 2nd Omaha Team System User Group meeting is, as they say, in the books!  We had a great turnout with about 25 attendees that showed up to listen to Mike Douglas speak about TFS build automation and the coolness factor of incorporating (authentic) stoplights into the build process. Mike also demonstrated his latest… (read more)

So, what’s the deal with $, @, and % anyway?

So, you’ve decided that the default build script that’s built by the “New Build Type” wizard doesn’t quite do everything that you need it to do. So, you click on over to the Version Control Explorer, check out the TFSBuild.proj file, and dive in! At first glance, everything looks simple enough, you have various combinations… (read more)

Working with the BuildStep Task

One of the new convenience tasks added to Team Foundation Build 2008 is the BuildStep task.  This task allows you to add custom messages to the build reports created when you run a team build.  For example, you may want to display the message “Publishing web site” while your build script is updating some files… (read more)