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TFVC vs. TF-Git Survey Results

Several weeks ago I posted a survey asking for your thoughts about Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) vs. Git within Team Foundation Server/Service (TF-Git). With a total of 27 respondents, here are the results of the survey questions: Which version of Team Foundation Server are you using? I have to admit that I find it… (read more)

TFVC vs. TF-Git – A Quick Survey

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately about whether it would make sense for our application development teams to make the move to Team Foundation Git (TF-Git) as the primary version control choice within TFS. We are still using TFS 2010 as our primary TFS instance today although we have several projects in Team… (read more)

.NET Mocking Framework Survey Results

Two weeks ago, I posted a survey (using Excel Surveys available in SkyDrive) asking you what your preferred/primary .NET mocking framework was. We plan to use this data to help drive out which frameworks we want to evaluate further. The survey closed yesterday and, out of 147 responses, here is how everything shook out: 147… (read more)

Which .NET Mocking Framework Do You Prefer?

We are preparing to evaluate mocking frameworks that support .NET to determine if our current mocking framework is still the best solution for us.  Before we actually start the evaluation, we’d like to get a general idea of which .NET mocking frameworks are popular amongst developers out in the rest of the world. To aid… (read more)