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Learning to Live with Android

So, it’s been just over four months since I switched to Android (from Windows mobile) and I’ve slowly but surely been learning to live within the Android ecosystem. While I still appreciate the vast selection of apps available in the Google Play Store there are still plenty of things I’m not overly excited about when… (read more)

Android: Two Weeks In

Well, it’s been two weeks since I officially switched to Android. I’ve been spending years (literally) reading other people’s accounts highlighting their experiences with switching from Windows Phone/mobile to Android and/or iOS (and occasionally the other way around). I figured this was my chance to finally put my initial thoughts and experiences on paper (so… (read more)

When is Enough, Enough?

Ask anyone who has known me for more than a few hours and odds are they can tell you that I love technology! Specifically, I am a huge fan of the Microsoft software developer ecosystem. I was a Java developer before .NET/C# became available but, once I got my hands on C#, there was no… (read more)

Migrating WP 8.0 Apps to WP 8.1

If you’re like me and have been developing Windows Phone apps for a while (several years in my case) then you just might have more than one app in the store. In my case, I currently have eight apps published in the Windows Phone store. At the moment, all of these target Windows Phone 8.0… (read more)

Build 2014–Quick Links

The Build 2014 conference ended just over a week ago and many of us are still sifting through the various announcements and downloads. This post provides a list of some of the various links to sessions and downloads that you might find handy. Sessions You can find the links to all the session videos and… (read more)

Office Lens for Windows Phone

A couple of days ago, Microsoft published Office Lens, a new app, to the Windows Phone store. Simply put, it’s like having a scanner built into your phone. You can take pictures of whiteboards, business cards, or anything else for that matter and the images will be enhanced and automatically added to the Quick Notes… (read more)

10 Enterprise Apps for Your Windows Phone

With the Windows Phone Store now exceeding 200,000 apps, it’s no surprise that it’s getting easier to find the most of the popular apps from competitor’s ecosystems. Although there are many ways to categorize available apps, I like to think of them all as loosely fitting within one of three categories: Consumer apps – these… (read more)

Removing the Barrier to Entry for Windows Phone Development

Until recently, if you wanted to develop for Windows Phone, and actually run your apps on your phone (as opposed to the emulator) you had to register for a $99 (USD) Windows Phone developer account.  This cost has always been a substantial barrier to entry for many would-be (Windows Phone) developers.  That is, until recently…. (read more)

Windows Phone App Studio–My First App

Recently, Microsoft made available the Windows Phone App Studio (beta). The purpose of the Windows Phone App Studio is to make it simple for anyone with a great Windows Phone app idea to create, test, and share an app without installing any development tools. Getting Started You can sign up for a free account at… (read more)

WP7.x or WP8?

I am designing a new Windows Phone app and I can’t decide if I should target Windows Phone 7.x (which would also run on 8) or Windows Phone 8 only.  I can see pros and cons to both: Windows Phone 8 Only Pros: I can take advantage of some of the new features in WP8… (read more)