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Connect(); 2016 – Announcement Recap

The second day of Connect(); 2016 wrapped up today. While there is one more day left, it is dedicated to on-line training. This means that pretty much all the planned announcements have been, well, announced ;-) If you’ve been watching Connect(); over the past couple of days you have likely come to the realization that,… (read more)

Open Live Writer–It’s Alive!

Like many other bloggers out there on the interweb I have been using Windows Live Writer for many years. If you are also a Windows Live Writer user, then you also likely know that the product has not been updated for several years (the latest version is from 2012). Although the current version works it… (read more)

Microsoft Connect() // 2015; Year Two!

Last year, Microsoft held it’s first Connect(); event (I wrote about it here). Well, they’re back for another go! If you make use of Microsoft’s development tools and/or any of the open source software that Microsoft has provided (e.g. ASP.NET) then you will want to check out this free, on-line, two-day event! Join us this… (read more)

Blog Issues

For anyone that follows my blog at all, you have likely noticed that over the past few days (weeks?) it has been a bit unstable. At first, it was a minor annoyance but it eventually escalated to the point where the site was down more than it was up. I finally contacted my hosting provider… (read more)

It’s a Cross-Platform, Microsoft World!

If anyone would have suggested to me a couple of years ago that Microsoft was not only going to release one of its major cash cows (e.g. Microsoft Office) on both iOS- and Android-based platforms, but would also provide developers with some amazing tools to help them also build for and publish to non-Microsoft platforms,… (read more)

MSDN Subscriptions and Pluralsight

As announced at Microsoft’s Connect(); event last week, MSDN subscription benefits now include access to Pluralsight training. Depending upon your MSDN subscription level, you get a set number of curated Pluralsight courses, for 12 months, as follows: MSDN Subscription Level Pluralsight Courses Professional 10 Premium 20 Ultimate 30 You also get access to the more… (read more)

Build 2014–Quick Links

The Build 2014 conference ended just over a week ago and many of us are still sifting through the various announcements and downloads. This post provides a list of some of the various links to sessions and downloads that you might find handy. Sessions You can find the links to all the session videos and… (read more)

Time for a Blog Makeover

Since my first blog post nearly 8 years ago, I have been using blogspot.com as my one and only blogging engine. For the most part, it has served me very well. Although the web-based editor isn’t bad, I’ve always preferred to use Windows Live Writer as my authoring tool of choice. The drag-n-drop customization features… (read more)

MSDN Improved

Today, Microsoft launched an updated and improved version of its Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site. Although many developers rely upon web-based search results to get them to the content they need within MSDN, the site is also used by many (sometimes newer) developers as an entry point into the vast set of developer resources provided… (read more)