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Connect(); 2016 – Announcement Recap

The second day of Connect(); 2016 wrapped up today. While there is one more day left, it is dedicated to on-line training. This means that pretty much all the planned announcements have been, well, announced ;-) If you’ve been watching Connect(); over the past couple of days you have likely come to the realization that,… (read more)

Connect(); 2016–Next Week!

Starting next Wednesday, November 16th, Microsoft is holding it’s third Connect(); event! If you make use of any of the development tools provided by Microsoft, Xamarin (now part of Microsoft), the .NET Foundation, etc. then you should tune in to see what’s coming next from Microsoft. The on-line event lasts Wednesday thru Friday with the… (read more)

Tulsa TechFest–Slides

I first presented at the Tulsa TechFest in 2007, the second year for the conference. Since then I have only missed presenting one or two times (that I can recall). My oldest son (12) was able to attend this year as well and he really enjoyed the Gaming/Dev/Design track! The conference is really done well…. (read more)

Microsoft Connect() // 2015; Year Two!

Last year, Microsoft held it’s first Connect(); event (I wrote about it here). Well, they’re back for another go! If you make use of Microsoft’s development tools and/or any of the open source software that Microsoft has provided (e.g. ASP.NET) then you will want to check out this free, on-line, two-day event! Join us this… (read more)

Microsoft HoloLens–Hands on at Build 2015

During the last few minutes of the Day 1 Keynote at Build 2015, Microsoft’s Alex Kipman announced that “hundreds” of HoloLens devices had been brought to Build for developers to try out. There was instant excitement that was just as quickly followed up with disappointment. Alex went on to explain that attendees were required to… (read more)

Connect(“Day 1 Recap”);

Yesterday, Microsoft streamed live its first ever Connect(); event. Connect(); is a cloud-first, mobile-first, code-first virtual event focused on current and future technologies for developers creating applications across a variety of platforms. Build on your current skills, unleash your creativity, and expand what’s possible to deliver unprecedented innovations. If you didn’t have a chance to… (read more)

Build 2014–Quick Links

The Build 2014 conference ended just over a week ago and many of us are still sifting through the various announcements and downloads. This post provides a list of some of the various links to sessions and downloads that you might find handy. Sessions You can find the links to all the session videos and… (read more)

A Professor and a Former Student Walking Into Build…

TL;DR –  This is simply a recollection of a random event at Build 2014 this week. If you have no interest in reading about random events in my life I won’t be offended if you click the Back button now So, in the early 1990’s I was working on my Computer Science degree at Hawaii… (read more)

Build 2014-Day 1

The first day was a busy day of announcements from Microsoft. There are far too many to list here (I’m sure I’d miss some!) and I could spend hours (or days) writing up the details of each announcement. I’d rather call out some of the announcements that I personally found to be more interesting. WinJS… (read more)