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Get Files Associated with a Build

One of the greatest features of Team Foundation Server is it’s extensibility via the TFS Object Model.  A short while back I received a question asking how to retrieve a list of all files included in all the changesets associated with a build.  The intent (of the person asking the question) was to deploy only… (read more)

Creating Team Build Types

I was answering a question related to programmatically creating team build types today and realized there weren’t too many examples on the web.  I didn’t see any examples that included all the details I was looking for – for example: Adding the solution to be built to the new build type Turning on/off test execution… (read more)

MSDN Code Gallery

Although it’s been about two weeks since Microsoft launched its new MSDN Code Gallery, I am just now getting around to checking it out. At first glance, it appears there are quite a few similarities between the MSDN Code Gallery and Microsoft’s CodePlex site (another open source site provided by Microsoft and hosted on top… (read more)