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Connect(); 2016 – Announcement Recap

The second day of Connect(); 2016 wrapped up today. While there is one more day left, it is dedicated to on-line training. This means that pretty much all the planned announcements have been, well, announced ;-) If you’ve been watching Connect(); over the past couple of days you have likely come to the realization that,… (read more)

Building with Microsoft Tools–For FREE!

With two of Microsoft’s primary competitors (Apple and Google) offering their development tools free of charge (Xcode and Android Studio, respectively) have you ever wished you could develop on Microsoft’s platforms for FREE? Well… if you didn’t already know that Microsoft offers a good number of development tools and services for free, then read on… (read more)

Running Visual Studio 2014 CTP on Azure

Yesterday, I posted about Microsoft’s recent release of Visual Studio 2014 CTP. Whereas most developers are eager to download, install, and try out new software releases, there was one caveat mentioned in this post that is worth paying attention to: NOTE: It is recommended that you install the CTP on a machine that has no… (read more)