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TFS Build Manager for VS 2013 Updated

Today, the Community TFS Build Extensions on CodePlex released an update to the Community TFS Build Manager VS2013 add-in. If you spend any time at all managing multiple build definitions, build results, and/or build servers, then you need to give this add-in a try.Updates & fixes include: NEW – Search and replace workspace mappings NEW… (read more)

Indent Guides in Visual Studio 2010

A short while back, I blogged about some of my favorite Visual Studio extensions.  Recently, I discovered another (free) extension that I’ve really learned to love – the Indent Guides extension.  This extension does exactly what it says, it provides visible “indent guides” within the Visual Studio source code editor allowing you to easily track… (read more)

Visual Studio 2010 Extensions

Visual Studio 2010 is a great integrated development environment (IDE) for developing all types of applications in multiple programming languages.  One of the (many) advantages of using a mature IDE like Visual Studio is that it is highly extensible.  Visual Studio has had a great community of developer-built extensions for a long time now.  However,… (read more)

Team Foundation Sidekicks for TFS 2010

Attrice has released version 3.0 of their (most useful) Team Foundation Server Sidekicks for Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2.  This set of utilities has been sorely missed since TFS 2010 was first made available for testing.  This release has pretty much the same functionality as version 2.4 (for TFS 2005/2008) with the following exceptions:… (read more)

Team Foundation Sidekicks Updated (v2.4)

First of all, if you are using Team Foundation Server and don’t currently make use of the Team Foundation Sidekicks (from Attrice Corporation), you should.  That said, Attrice has released an update (v2.4) to their current set of Team Foundation Sidekicks. This update resolves a few issues with the previous release as well as one… (read more)

PowerCommands for VS 2008

A short while ago I wrote a post about the MSDN Code Gallery.  For all intents and purposes I liked what I saw with a few exceptions (nothing major).  I even posted a simple Send Email Message snippet just to try it out.  Today, I noticed a new post that I think will prove to… (read more)

TFS/MSBuild Sidekicks Updates

The Attrice corporation has been hard at work updating their set of Sidekick Utilities for VSTS/TFS 2008 (I know I’m excited!).  I’ve been using these tools for quite some time now and have been waiting for the upgrade ever since we updated to VSTS 2008 a month or so ago. First in line are the… (read more)